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Art Instructors Wanted!

Canvas & Chardonnay is Rochester’s new venue for art, wine, and fun! We are looking for Contract Art Instructors to enhance our existing staff. Candidates would create and submit their own paintings on 16×20 canvasses for consideration. If your project is selected, then you would receive $150 to teach the first class for each unique painting, and $50 for teaching each subsequent class of the same painting. Projects should appeal to a large audience, and be simple enough for beginners to complete in a 2 hour class, approximately.
For questions, or to submit projects for consideration please email Lisa@CanvasAndChardonnay.com or stop by the studio at 317 S. Broadway Rochester, MN 55904

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  1. Nikki Hansen says:

    Hi! I heard about the art instructor opening and I’m very interested. I am an art instructor for Community Education through the Rochester Public School District. I just wanted Lisa to know I will be throwing my hat in the ring before I can get my painting submission in. In the mean time, please check out my Tumblr page and I wondered if there was some specific genre of painting that might appeal more to your demographic than another? Thanks!