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Meet the staff

Lisa Schneider2013-07-04 14.45.01

Owner and Chief Creative Officer

Lisa grew up in a funky little creative community, Crested Butte, CO, and has always had a passion for anything creative.  “My first job was making pottery in one of the quaint local shops.” she reminisces.

Other than painting she enjoys interior design, which she studied at RCTC.  “I also love ceramic painting which I was able to share with others over the four years I owned Color Me Mine here in Rochester.”

On a trip to Denver in 2012, Lisa painted at a similar place called Canvas & Cocktails,  and fell in love with the concept.  Within a few months she opened up the studio here, and a little over a year later became a partner studio with Canvas & Cocktails.  “I’m having the time of my life, and am so blessed and grateful!”

What painting would you say is your favorite to teach at C&C?  “Paris at Night”, just because it looks harder than it is.  Everyone’s paintings always look much better than they think they are going to.
What is the most common advice you give to painters?  Just let go and have fun.  After all, this is FUN art, not fine art.
Who is your favorite artist? Van Gogh, and of course all of my staff inspire me every day!

 Leah Bee

Manager, Artist & Bartender

Leah and Abe in Spring

Leah Bee is what we call an Art Head. Creative mind and soul. She has been into all things art since a child, from finger painting, beading, and sewing.. To ceramics, painting and gemology!
She is now a mommy of a beautiful, blue eyed baby boy, Abram. Also known as Abe! He was born on September 14, 2013. We held a little poll/contest for our customers to guess the day / weight of his arrival! One person guessed the right date and they won a free class! – over 100 guesses!! When she is not bartending or teaching at C&C, she is home enjoying all of her time with her little boy!
Leah has received her Accredited Jewelry Professionals degree, the study of gemstones, diamonds, design, platinum, and gold. She has an artistic eye, a passion for people, and uses her creativity in every aspect of life.

Who is your favorite artist?
Sabrina Ward Harrison. She is an author/artist. Her books are her personal journals, her ramblings of life, her artwork flows along side each word she writes. She has inspired me in many times of my life. Her work continues to inspire me to dig deep within my soul for more happiness and creativity. If you have never heard of her.. You totally have to check her out!

Favorite part of working at C&C?
How could I have one favorite part!? I love the people, our interaction with new and returning customers, the awesome paintings our staff comes up with, and of course the wine! It’s awesome to see the incredible amount of creativity that can live in just one class! People who have never even picked up a paint brush.. I am always smiling ear to ear seeing all of the master pieces at the end of each class.



nat-c-and-c3.5Natalie Raevsky

Artist & Bartender

Natalie is the very busy, yet always smiling, mother and artist that teaches one of C&C’s most popular classes, “Starry Night”. She grew up in Rochester and attended John Marshall HS where she was part of the marching band and diving team.  In 2010, she received a drawing, painting, and printmaking degree from Brigham Young University. As mentioned Natalie has two little red-head boys that keep her very busy as she paints and designs invitations from home.

In 2008, Natalie started her own business designing printable wedding invitations. “Many of my designs are created from my own drawings and I have been lucky to work with brides from all over the world.” she says.
She has illustrated 2 children’s books and is working on several more to be published in the next year or so. She also likes to quilt, sew, garden, and read fantasy fiction and non-fiction about the human body.  “I’m also an avid podcast listener and loves to learn interesting, new things.”

What is you most embarrassing moment at C&C? During one class, I spilled twice! …someone’s drink and someone else’s paint water.  And it wasn’t like I was drunk or anything… I don’t even drink!
What is your most memorable moment in a C&C class? Having my mom come in, who swears she is not artistic.  She’s creative in ways, but isn’t a painter.  No one would have known she wasn’t a painter after the class! I am so proud of her!
What is the best advice you give to your classes? Don’t slather on the paint or it will never dry. And don’t worry about every little brush stroke being perfect. What I love most is that everyone’s painting always turns out great but they all look different!

You can find her art blog, invitations, artwork, and more on her website www.natalieraevsky.com




Angie Pipkorn  Angie website pic

Artist & Bartender

 I was Born and raised in Spam town USA (a.k.a. Austin) I am a Pacelli girl and darn proud of it!I am a very proud mommy of two awesome boys. I have been with my amazing husband since I was 16. We met online when I was 15 in a chatroom. This was 16 years ago when it was not normal and 5,000 dating sites, and social media did not exist! We met in a chatroom and used yahoo messenger and phone cards to stay in touch! Started officially dating when I was 17 and married at 22.From 2005­-2012 I was a licensed professional tattoo artist and body piercer in Rochester. I met a lot of people and had a good run for 7 years. However it is not where my heart lies.  Since then, I have become my own boss. I operate an in home daycare “Okie Dokie Day Care” I get to be home with my kids. Day care is the hardest and most rewarding job I have ever done.  I have also been lucky enough to land a job at Canvas an Chardonnay! I started May 2014. Everyone one here is so fun to work with. Even better, we all work well together!In my “spare time”(honestly not sure if I know the meaning of that term anymore) I am working on getting more of my art out there, into the known public art community. Currently working hard at Art festivals around MN this summer and Art galleries. I am available contract for hire. I do portrait, people or animals, landscapes,abstracts,murals, tattoo design, logo design. I draw and paint. I work in acrylic,water colors and oils.  When asked what my personal style is I have a hard time answering. I would say it is a mix between realism/impressionism/abstract. I tend to have a new school style that I class up with a vintage/atique victorian style. My art work is bold, colorful and full of emotions on every scale.Things I enjoy…
– Spending time with my family, whether it is a busy day at the zoo, or a lazy snuggle Sunday! And if everyone is in a good mood, then its one of those magical days (you know what I’m talking about).
– Going to concerts with my hubby! Concerts make me remember who I am and how I became the way I am today. They make me feel alive! My concerts are not for the faint of heart. My concerts are surrounded by mohawks, colored hair, heavy metal and mosh pits!
– Camping, whether it is a small local campground or a cabin resort on a lake up north! I can’t get enough! It reminds me of family vacations I had as a kid. I want my boys to have these great memories also! I love being outdoors and away from the internet!
– Animals, I have a soft spot for all Gods creatures. We have a pitbull, a mut, and a cat. They are my furry kids. When my boys are old enough I would love to have them volunteer with me again at paws and claws.Fav Artist…
Hands down, Clive Barker. Man of many talents! Painter, Auther, and producer/screen writer. I love all that he does. However his art,books and movies are geared to horror.I invite you to look at my Art: https://www.facebook.com/OkieDokieDayCare?ref=hl (please check back, as I change and add frequently. Feel free to like and share my page)Currently working on an Etsy shop.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/AngelasArtPaletteParty on!


DSC00042-(ZF-2369-58767-1-019)Jamie Calvert

Artist & Bartender

Jamie is a mother of four, and provides an in home preschool to her son and his two favorite friends.  She is also an active volunteer in the public schools and her church.  She is a former social worker in a nursing home, and prior to bar tending and assisting at Canvas and Chardonnay, worked part time, with Lisa, at Color Me Mine.  “I enjoy helping others and this is one of the most fun jobs I’ve ever had!”  she says.

 In Jamie’s free time Jamie and her family enjoy going to Quarry hill, and if she has a free moment to herself she loves to read, particularly Jan Karon Mitford  series novel or The Exact Place, a memoir, by a local author, Margie Haack. “That is my moment of silence.” she says and smiles.
What is your favorite painting to teach?
I enjoy helping with the blended backgrounds.  Many people don’t quite get it at first, but when they do they have a wonderful time creating the blended colors.  Then when they add the front image they seem to have more confidence in doing it well.
Favorite song during class?
I like the Annie Lenox songs, Michael Jackson, Trisha Yearwood… We have an awesome range of music to encourage creativity and an atmosphere for singing along.

Katrin King

Artist & Bartender

Kat graduated from Northwest MO State University with a BFA and an emphasis in Photography.  She loves working with many mediums including oil paints, colored pencils and charcoal.  Kat visited Italy on a school trip in 2010 and returned with a newfound love of wine and a passion for cooking risotto.  “One day I want to take a camera and just travel the world.”
Her hobbies include reading anything from science fictioin to philosphy, researching recipes, cultures, and obsessing over anything Doctor Who.  “Yes, I’m a total geek!”
Who is your favorite artist? Eduard Munch, Joel Peter Witkin, and Guillermo del Toro
Artistic Insight?   I think if you are ever completely satisfied with your work as an artist or ever stop learning, you have no reason to continue to create, which is why I am often researching.  Inspiration can be drawn from anywhere.  I’m very into graphic qualities, expressionism, and prints.



Miranda Portermiranda website

Artist & Bartender

If you’ve had a class with Miranda, you probably already know that this gal always has a smile and a helping hand. Miranda was born and raised in Rochester and graduated from John Marshall (Go Rockets!!).  She graduated from Winona State University with a degree in French and Studio Art.  Miranda enjoys a variety of art forms: ceramics – both creating on the wheel and painting the finished product, painting on canvas, and charcoal on paper. When asked if she has a favorite, she says that she probably prefers ceramics, “though it really depends on my mood!” she adds with a smile.
When not being artsy, Miranda works for the Mayo Clinic from her home, obsesses over anything Star Trek, and enjoys a happily busy married life with her husband, Steve.  They have a young son and daughter.
Favorite song to teach a class to? Any of those “Gosh, I haven’t heard this in forever!” songs. I try to have a variety of well-known songs from the 50’s through today – pop, rock, country… the 80’s tunes are always popular with most people.  My personal favorite song right now is “Some Nights” by Fun. –  It has a great beat.  When people are taking a break from painting to dance, it’s a good night in my book.
Who is your favorite artist? I love the surrealists! Magritte, Dali etc. The crazier/stranger/darker/twisted the better.  My favorite book/Disney movie is “Alice in Wonderland”.  That might explain a few things.
What is your favorite part of a class? The end! Haha, but I don’t mean that the way it sounds. It’s just so awesome to see everyone hold up their finished masterpieces at that point. Seeing everyone’s work together like that when all we started with were a bunch of blank canvases… that is ALWAYS amazing and I am never disappointed. Everyone brings something special to a class!